Boyd Equipment

The Challenge

With the internet evolving all around them, Boyd Equipment contacted us. Their website had fallen into disrepair, and they did not have any way to make future changes.  In retail and service based business, a solid web presence was a must for Boyd.

They had several needs:

  • Showcase their products for sale and rent
  • Bring attention to their service and repair work
  • Promote their custom built solutions

We needed a solid plan to accomplish all of these goals while also rising above their local and national competitors.

Our Solution

As we always do, we began by looking at their site and the sites of their competitors, both local and national. We created a basic site map to take inventory of the pages and content we had and conversely what was needed.

Emphasis was placed on bright imagery to stand apart from the crowd. We worked with Boyd and their manufacturing partners to get the best quality images for their products.  An interactive catalog was created. PDF brochures for products were added for download. Videos were compiled and added to their website. 

Your new site is one of the best ones in our international distributor network. Good job Team Boyd! - LANDA®

What our Clients have to say:

I really like the website now! I am so excited and want to show this off. Im glad you got this up and running as fast as you did. 

Brent Rasmussen, Owner

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